Subway surfer is fantastic game that has got all the users engaged in their mobile phone. This game is developed by a kilo and sybo games that is based in Denmark. The game is available in all platforms like windows, IOS and android. Meaning the game is pocket-friendly, which gives you the privilege to play the game anywhere.

The game with a graffiti maker who tries to present his art in the metro railway tracks. Upon getting caught, the player runs from the policeman through the railway tracks. As soon the running begins, the player tries to collect coins, other items and power-ups and simultaneously dodges the oncoming trains that come in his way. There is also a special event which you can play to get good rewards.

The date of publication of subway surfers begins on 24th May 2012. During 2012, there were no updates released in the single year. As soon the game starts gaining popularity in 2013, there have been numerous updates which have made the gaming an immersive experience. Well free keys are straightforward to get in subway surfers. All you need to do is install cracked version of the game.

Now hacked version of the game is simpler to download, but that makes devices more vulnerable. Another way of getting unlimited free keys is through third-party applications like Game hacker application, lucky patcher and mod. Reddit users have commented that players log on to a website known as and then follow the steps to download the modified version of the game

Free keys are a source to unlimited coins

To get unlimited coins in subway surfer, the player needs to get cheats, make a back forward run, time travel and use lucky death. When the player takes the help of tricks, there is a presence Miami board special.

The instructions of the cheat are straightforward to follow, and it can be stated as follows:

The player first needs to make sure to modify the device settings. Here the player needs to change the date to May 30, 2013. Once done, the player needs to open subway surfers and then do a soundcheck on the board’s section After this step has been followed, the player needs to see that whether applying the cheat, the player has got Miami special board.

Another method of trying the trick is through the jetpack jump. Using the jetpack jump the player can make long jumps in the game.

Free keys through cheat codes

Many cheat codes are available on the internet. Some of the most famous ones are time travel and lucky death. Using these cheat codes, one will get the opportunity to collect free keys. Once free keys are collected, then playing the game becomes easy, and enjoyable experience is encountered.

Another website that has been doing rounds for providing players with free keys in the game is known as So be sure to follow all the information stated above to use free coins

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